Cycling Administration System

Powerful planning resource for all levels of professional cycling teams.

The Cycling Administration System (CAS) portal is a planning tool that is designed to work across multiple disciplines and competition levels in the world of competitive cycling. From planning stage races and one day races, to team events and trainings camps, the portal is designed around your team’s needs.

Using a customizable calendar, the portal will allow you to plan and track the use of team resources throughout the entire year. CAS allows you to manage detailed information on riders, staff and travel to make planning easy, while ensuring that you can avoid scheduling conflicts. Resources such as bikes, team fleet vehicles, road bibles, and medical updates can also be managed within the portal.

Designed to be mobile-friendly, with instant updates for everyone’s calendar, CAS means that all members of your organization will have access to the plan anywhere in the world.

What is CAS for?

CAS is designed around a professional cycling teams day-to-day functions of moving riders and staff along with equipment to and from races and events as well as between races and events. Detailed race plans are created by logistic staff regarding race details, meetings, travel, accommodation and pickup/drop-off of staff and riders. CAS allows for all planning information to be accessed in one place, by any member of your team.

Capturing this much detail in one plan can make communication difficult across your organization. It is important that every team member knows what is expected of them, and what resources are available to get the job done. CAS can assist in making both the planning and communication aspects of your team’s operations efficient and clear.

Case Study: 2023 Tour de France

In the following example, we have taken real data from CAS used by teams at the 2023 Tour de France. A grand tour will have more detail and logistics challenges than most races. Beyond the race info for each stage, and the roster of staff and riders, the Tour typically includes extra media and sponsor personnel, as well as a long list of information on accommodations and transportation.

While this amount of detail can be overwhelming, CAS is designed to deliver pertinent and timely information, personalized to each individual within your organization. To understand how this work, let’s first look at an overall race plan for the Tour de France, 2023*(all data has been anonymized and sensitive information has been redacted where necessary).

The races and events dashboard view displays the full race calendar. This view is where you can click on the event to view the full race plan or click on an icon to download a pdf version of the plan.

Mobile View

Click on the image to preview the mobile view.

Desk Top View

Click on the image to view the html version of the full race plan.

File Download

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How it Works

Using CAS during the planning process ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to time execute the plan. As you can see, there is a large amount of information captured in the 2023 race plan. Next, we will walk through some of the basic steps involved in capturing all this information and getting it in to the right hands. The first step is to set up your race calendar.


The calendar is the heart of the CAS portal. Using the portal to build your plan for the season means you can effectively monitor all resources, travel and personnel while saving time. CAS makes adding detailed information to your program easy, while offering a clear and concise view for riders and staff.

DS Day Planner

The DS day planner allows your Director Sportif to add meetings, assign tasks, or simply add extra detail to any event or race day. From this tool, the DS will be able to make vehicle assignments for the day and even assign specific staff to each feedzone location on a race route. Any assigned tasks made through the DS day planner will appear automatically in the My Day view for the appropriate user.


Race and event scheduling is only one of the benefits offered by using the CAS portal. You can also manage your roster of riders directly in the system. Roster selection within each calendar event means that each athlete will have the latest information on where to be, and when. Each athlete can also have their medical and training information added to their profile along with bike fit measurements and preferences.

Staff and Resources

Integral team resources, such as members of the staff, along with any fleet vehicle or equipment, can also be tracked within the CAS portal. All resources can be added to events and races, and be managed in the calendar, similar to the rider program.

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